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Packaging machines made in Germany

Automated packaging is nowadays indispensable to maintain a smooth, fast and economically profitable production process. With Schmidt Verpackungstechnik you will benefit from the advantages of the latest modular packaging machines made in Germany.

We can offer the right packaging solution for a wide range of packaging with paper or plastic-based materials and even with environmentally friendly films produced exclusively by using corn. The machines can be upgraded with various individual modules. Located in Hagen in the Teutoburg Forest / Lower Saxony (➔ for directions) we are partners of the industry at home and internationally.

You too can purchase your packaging machines directly from the manufacturer! Below you will find an overview of our current packaging technologies.

ALPHATRONIC – bottom seam welding machine

A top model in the packaging market is the bottom-seam sealing machine ALPHATRONIC. This packaging machine from SVT offers a wide range of flexible solutions in the field of heavy-duty sacks and bags. For the matter of packaging for:

  • Animal feed
  • Seed
  • Fertilizer
  • Or other special products from a variety of industries

The ALPHATRONIC can be designed with features according to specific needs and requirements!

CONITRONIC – Production of bags on roll

CONITRONIC is our top model for the continuous production of bags on rolls. The packaging machine opens up a wide range of solutions in this market segment:

  • Air bubble bag
  • Small bags for fruit and vegetable packaging
  • Larger bottom seam bags
  • Sleeves on roll

The CONITRONIC can be equipped according to your special requirements and wishes in packaging technology!

DISKTRONIC – sealing machine for security bags

Another top model in the packaging market is the DISKTRONIC sealing machine. It enables flexible solutions for packaging in the area of security pouches and bags.

  • We offer pouches and mailing bags for:
    • Courier area
    • Mail-order business
    • Banking and financial transactions
  • Or other, special products from a variety of industries

DISKTRONIC also impresses with maximum flexibility in terms of concept and design.

DUROTRONIC EV – production of air bubble mailers

Our top model for the production of mailing bags, the DUROTRONIC EV, offers a wide production range. It is suitable for the production of air-bubble envelopes made of:

  • Paper
  • Polyethene
  • Or other special materials for the outer layer

The DUROTRONIC EV can be equipped according to your special requirements and wishes!

DUROTRONIC SB – for coex and lamination films

DUROTRONIC SB is a servo motor driven bagging line for processing coex and laminating films. The machine enables the production of:

  • 3-seam bags with and without re-closure
  • Stand-up pouches with folded or fed bottom with and without re-closure

There is also the possibility of producing standing-up pouches for liquid packaging.

MEDITRONIC - Packaging of hygiene and medical products

The MEDITRONIC is our latest machine model for packaging in sealed-edge pouches with smooth-cut separation. MEDITRONIC offers a wide range of different pouch variants for the packaging of hygiene and medical products, e.g:

  • Header bags
  • Sterilisation bags
  • Chevrons
  • And other bags for medical devices

The packaging machine can be flexibly adapted to the requirement profile and specific wishes.

SERVOTRONIC for side seam bags and carrier bags

The proven welding machine for the production of side seam bags and/or carrier bags. The SERVOTRONIC packaging machine offers a wide variety of flexible solutions in standard working widths from 600 mm up to 1200 mm:

  • With various collecting and depositing systems for the bags
  • With numerous optional accessories
  • Or specially designed for a wide range of products from various industries

Of course, SERVOTRONIC can be designed and configured according to your specific needs and requirements!

VARIOCONIC – Production of conical bags

The VARIOCONIC allows a wide range of bag variations for the production of plastic bags. The packaging machine is suitable for the packaging of:

  • Flowers
  • Potted flowers
  • Herbs
  • Confectionery

Do you have specific requirements and wishes for your machines? The equipment of VARIOCONIC is variable.

Schmidt Verpackungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG

FLEXOTEC – Flexographic printing machines with outstanding features

The FLEXOTEC from SVT meets all the requirements of a modern multi-cylinder flexo printing system:

  • Various models with the standard drive technologies available on the market
  • High accuracy of fit
  • For solvent- and water-based inks and UV-curing ink systems
  • Excellent proofing performance when using the different ink systems
  • Sleeve change in the press and quick change of the chambered doctor blade possible
  • Available working widths from 600 to 2200 mm with a print length range from 350 to 1250 mm
  • Print speeds of between 120 - 250 m/min can be adjusted to suit different applications
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